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Why are there so many bad games?

Recently I started to make a website about online flash games.
The thing I have noticed is that so many of them are the same.

For example the puzzle games are basiclly the same and do not offer any new experiences.

So why is this you might ask yourself.

Well the thing is att many websites that have flash online games on them use the same engine to create several games. They do so by re-skinning an old item, for example "Super Mario" and put in other carachters and enemis in them.

Has this made the online community more worthless? I mean in 2001-2002 there were alot of great flash games, for example Skull Kid and Bubble Shooter. In the case of Skull Kid this game was pure genious. You acted as a insane office worker and went around killing everyone in the office.

On a sidenote Puffgames has release the second part called Skull Kid 2 - Total Madness that is even better than the first one.

Anyway lets get back to topic, if you go out to play games nowadays you find almost only crap. There are sites that say "We have over 9000 games", well... Who cares about that when the majority of the games on a site lite that are pure crap.

However there are some great sites still that went trough some sort of process before getting published.

One thing to look out for when you visit a new site is if the update and add games more that once a day. If they do so, they probably only scrub the web for games and publish anything that they find.

What happned to quality folks?

Here is my suggestion to game developers:
Start making original games, no one want to play the same game over and over again.
It is still the same game if you change the skin, and people notice this.

And a suggestion for flash sites:
Please oh please do not publish anything you find, test the games before you publish them, I promise you that it will be worth it and that people would appritiate your website even more.

Also whats up with all the advertisements? I mean in every site there is alot of ads before and after you play. This takes alot of time, in the olden days we had to do all the waiting for loading the content. Now the content might be 50kps and the ad runs for 20 secs. Guess what, it was finished loading 19 seconds agao, but noooo you have to wait even more to watch some ads about the new mobile phones.

Well this was my rant about the problems in the online gaming world, I hope this reaches the right ears and makes some changes around the internet.

Copyright Cykero Hormas 2012
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