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Primary Category: Action

Secondary Categories: Action, Shooting, Adventure

Content Rating: Teen


Zuper Green is a Platformer Action game with addictive gameplay. Upgrade Mr Green using the coins to survive as long as you can. Shoot zombies, jump, collect coins, apples, cakes and make the highest score. The shop features 24 unlockable items like hats, capes and badass weapons which give you additional bonuses.


Survive and upgrade. - left and right arrow keys for movement - hold shift to run - up key or spacebar to jump - Z to shoot

Control Scheme:

Shift: Run

Z: Shoot

jump: up

movement: arrow

Tags: action, shooting, upgrade, run, guns, items, platformer, old school, retro, pixel, art, en

Size: 600x460

Tag: 730d1d31bac2e5be

Slug: zuper-green

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