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Primary Category: Puzzles

Secondary Categories: Puzzles, Strategy

Content Rating: Everyone


The most challenging experience you'll have with a clock since learning how to tell time. Twelve O is an original puzzle game about setting every clock in each level to 12. Inside the game's 27 levels are connected clocks, clocks that move in opposite directions, and even ones that move at different speeds. Twelve O provides a fresh challenge to pass the time while you play with it.


- Click on a clock to select it - The selected clock's hand will point to the mouse - Point the hand to Twelve O'Clock - Connected clocks move together - Moving a clock only moves the clocks directly connected to it - Make all clocks Twelve O'Clock - Clocks without color behind them move opposite to those with color - On 'Revolutions' levels: Big clocks rotate less than small clocks

Control Scheme:

C: Background Color

M: Mute

R: Reset

movement: mouse

Tags: clock, clocks, tick, tock, twelve, OClock, time, rotate, rotating, soapaintnice, ozzie, mercado, en

Size: 600x500

Tag: 350b8527ebcac32a

Slug: twelve-o


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