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Primary Category: Action

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Content Rating: Everyone


After having fallen down a pit, a young Kulkis - a bouncy-bodied spherical creature - is trapped and needs your help to escape. The Kulkis can destroy any like-coloured block, and can switch colours by hitting the oil-like patches that are scattered around most levels. Once all the blocks are destroyed the exit will open and you can proceed deeper and hopefully closer to escape! Play this extremely hard version of the original title! Kulkis: Hard Edition sets the difficulty to an unimaginable levels!


Destroy all of the colored blocks and reach the exit while avoiding spikes and other dangerous elements.

Control Scheme:

M: Toggle Music

S: Toggle Sound

movement: arrow

Tags: Retrocade, Action, Arcade, Retro, Pixel, bounce, colours, colors, English, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, German, multi-lingua, language selection, colorful, colourful, happy, chiptune, chiptunes, sid music, 8bit, scale x2, difficulty, hard, extreme, zh-cn, en

Size: 512x488

Tag: 6736e940c35e55b2

Slug: kulkis-hard-edition

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