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Primary Category: Shooting

Secondary Categories: Action, Strategy

Content Rating: Teen


The robots have stolen our precious McGuffin! Intelligence suggests that it is being kept in a briefcase, somewhere in their secret base. Your mission is to infiltrate the base and recover the McGuffin by whatever means necessary! Use stealth or go in guns blazing, its up to you!


Move through the level and find our briefcase. Avoid mines and camera turrets. Use cover and avoid the guard robots or go in guns blazing and take them all out!

Control Scheme:

C / K: Shoot

DOWN / S: Duck

LEFT / A : Run Left

RIGHT / D: Run Right

UP / W / X / L: Jump

jump: up

movement: arrow

Tags: shooter, stealth, cover, robots, spy, en

Size: 640x320

Tag: 0b300ce987396601

Slug: infiltrator

Conspiragate - The Conspiracy is Real

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