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Description: RTS (real-time strategy) game where combat operations are conducted at a mini battlefield. The goal of the game is to gain military and economic advantage over an opponent and defeat him by taking control over all the territory. Build structures, produce units, precede economic management, research and develop new technologies, prepare defense and offensive, take control over battlefield, choose strategy and defeat your opponent. You're playing against a computer with an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) implemented.

Width: 700 px Height: 500 px

Content Rating: Everyone


1. At the beginning of the game build 1 factory, 3 mines, 2 power plants. It'll stabilize resources and energy supplies and it'll hold off fast computer attack. Next build another mines and plants paying attention to not run out of all resources. Place towers for effective defense. 2. If you gain sufficient resources and energy increase, then begin technological improvement. Click on the Base and next press "Tech-1" button to start first level of technology development. If you are running off resources or energy you can suspend researches (which cause resources and energy consumption) by pressing "Tech-1" button again. At the end of the process (when it counted down to 0), it'll be possible to make buildings upgrades - clicking on the building and next pressing green arrow (if it is gray it means that required technology level is not discovered yet or you have insufficient resources or energy). Proceed same way to research farther technologies. 3. Use "Esc" key on the keyboard to unselect currently selected objects, thanks to it you'll be able to under take another action. Same effect you can achieve by mouse clicking at any place outside the battlefield. 4. Press pause button placed at timer to make few moves at the same time, e.g. place few towers or make upgrades of few buildings. 5. Use towers to support offensive and defensive maneuvers by placing them at the point of enemy's units gather, thanks to it you are focusing enemy's attack on the towers, saving your mobile units lost. 6. To gather high score result you must act effectively, it means that if you gain military advantage over the computer you need to finish him as soon as possible, you can't torment the weak opponent halting final attack, because you'll get minus points, at the other way you'll get extra points for quick victory.

Control Scheme:

fire: left mouse

movement: mouse

Last update: