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Primary Category: Action

Secondary Categories: Action, Other

Content Rating: Everyone


Time-travelling cat + mouse-avoidance game + sequel = Time 4 More Cat! Another cat is snared by the mysterious collar, and through 7 different modes, a new powerup system, and a range of new enemies, it tries to find its way back to its family. Can you help?


Click Cat to get started, then move him with the mouse, collecting food for points and power orbs which are used by left-clicking with the mouse. Touching enemies will kill you instantly, so be careful!

Control Scheme:

fire: left mouse

movement: mouse

Tags: time, cat, dodging, avoiding, mouse, control, city, pedestrians, people, score, leaderboards, megadev, addictive, addicting, en

Size: 640x480

Tag: 6350f4b358f6bf19

Slug: time4morecat Time 4 More Cat

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