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Wothan Escape

Description: Embark to a shooting mission filled with danger and fun.Guided by stranger, you are about to go through tunnels and ramps, using bombs and guns as you shoot down zombies just for your personal fun. Soldier Z is a fast-paced shooting game where the main goal is to survive the zombie apocalypse, however, there will be more in this FPS game that meets the eye. Good luck!

Tags: Army, 1 player, Shooting, Action, Blood, Zombies, Undead, Shotgun, First Person Shooter, Gun, HTML5, Free, Unity3D, WebGL, Survival Horror

How to play: arrow-wasd: Moveg: Grenademouse2: Shootmouse4: Aime: Open Doorspace: Jumpshift: Run1-2-3-4-5: Weaponsp: Pausel: Lock Mouse Cursorx: Crouch

Soldier Z
Game Name: Soldier Z

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