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Primary Category: Puzzles

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Content Rating: Everyone


Prepare yourself for a challenge! Push to move. Push to win. PUSH3M is a simple sliding block game, with the goal of covering each empty area with a square. But!!! You can only move a square if it's pushing another square in the process. With a short set of small levels, it may look like an easy game, but no.


- Click a square to select it - Then click a direction to move it - All outlined areas must be occupied to win - The selected square can only move if it's pushing another - (Optional Controls) After clicking a square use the arrow keys, wasd, or zqsd to move

Control Scheme:

M: Mute

R: Reset

U: Undo

movement: mouse

Tags: push, pushing, pushes, piece, pieces, block, blocks, slide, sliding, soapaintnice, ozzie, mercado, en

Size: 480x480

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Slug: push3m

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