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Primary Category: Action

Secondary Categories: Action, Puzzles, Shooting

Content Rating: Everyone


Nimble Piggy grew magic beans in the garden. Legend said that treasures can be found on the top. Piggy wants to go up to look for it. But those nasty monsters block the way and even the mighty Cthulhu is on the Piggy`s way. Another exciting game provided by the Nimble Piggy!


Left mouse button - shoot. How to use the cannon: -The closer the aim to the cannon, the weaker the shot power and the less the acorn would fly. -The farther the aim from the cannon, the stronger the shot power and the farther the acorn would fly. -Shoot the least possible amount of acorns during the whole game.

Control Scheme:

fire: left mouse

Tags: Nimble Piggy, arcade, action, puzzle, physics, fun, pixel art, casual, Ransom.00,, en

Size: 640x480

Tag: 47dba78914d94a33

Slug: nimble-piggy

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