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Primary Category: Shooting

Secondary Categories: Action, Other, Adventure, Strategy

Content Rating: Teen


The objective of the game is to kill every single bandit until the wanted criminal is drawn out. You need to kill the level bosses to proceed to the next level. You will have a wider arsenal of weapons as you progress, the bosses will be harder also. Have fun!


·Fire weapon= Left mouse click ·Navigate character= WSAD or Arrow keys ·Throw Molotov= Space bar

Control Scheme:

Space: Throw

fire: left mouse

movement: arrow

Tags: bandit, bandits, western, west, wild, mexico, mexican, gun, guns, shoot, shooting, fire, firing, bullet, bullets, ammo, wanted, reward, outlaw, owtlaws, bounty, hunter

Size: 640x480

Tag: 6e18f005a95125e0

Slug: gringo-bandido_v404314


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