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Match blocks together in this gravity-based puzzle game. Features 50 challenging levels, unique gameplay mechanics, a level editor and online sharing functionality. Not for the feeble-minded!


The objective of Gravnix is to remove all coloured blocks from the level. This is done by switching the direction in which these blocks fall to up, right, left or down. There is a limit to the number of moves a player can make each level, although this number does not necessarily have to be the minimum moves required, as a level may have multiple solutions. In some cases you will be required to match more than two blocks at a time, make use of "special" elements such as black holes or rainbow blocks, or perhaps "chain" these matches together -- and that's where things start to get interesting...

Control Scheme:

A: Gravity left

D: Gravity right

S: Gravity down

Space: Restart level

W: Gravity up

Tags: hi-tech, digital, challenging, fun, addictive, dark, level editor, level sharing, en

Size: 650x450

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Slug: gravnix

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