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Primary Category: Shooting

Secondary Categories: Action, Shooting

Content Rating: Everyone


Stranded in space it is your mission to wipe out anything that's crossing your path. Prove yourself a hero and set the universe on fire in this fast paced action packed sci-fi shooter!


Use the mouse to steer your ship and the left mouse button to fire. Shoot down all asteroids and enemy ships. Killed enemies drop upgrades. Use them for upgrading the weapons, health or shields of your ship. Steer: Move your ship with the mouse Thrust: Move mouse cursor away from ship Fire: Press left mouse button Pause: press 'P' or 'ESC'

Control Scheme:

fire: left mouse

movement: mouse

Tags: action, space, sci-fi, shooter, asteroids, eternalblast, furiousant, shooting, scifi, eternal, blast, furious, ant, en

Size: 670x510

Tag: 064823fb0fef6bf0

Slug: eternal-blast_v938394

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