Dragon Ball Z Fierce Fighting v2.2

Title: Dragon Ball Z Fierce Fighting v2.2

Description: Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting v2.2 has added two new characters and more levels. Special character can fly. Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting is going to come to an end. Play the game right away to defeat the big devil king!

Tags: DragonBall Z,fighting,action

Controls:Player1: AD to move, J to attack, K to jump, L for Qi storage, UIO for special skills.

Key combination: AA/DD for sprint, S+A+J for Qigong, AA/DD+J for Dash Attack.

Players2: Arrow keys to move, 1 to attack, 2 to jump, 3 for Qi storage, 456for special skills.

Key combination: ¡ú¡ú/¡û¡û for sprint , ¡ý¡ú+1 Qigong, ¡ú¡ú/¡û¡û+1 for Dash Attack.

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