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Primary Category: Shooting

Secondary Categories: Action

Content Rating: Everyone


Old-school blasting action! Written in 3 hours for a 4KB programming competition (ads & high-score table make it bigger!)


Your ship follows the mouse. Click to fire, release to reload or continue to hold the mouse button for auto-reload (you can shoot a bit faster if you do it manually). Don't smash into the chasm walls, blow up the enemies before they hit you. Each hit on the enemies or the player ship makes it a bit smaller, when they get too small... BOOOOM!

Control Scheme:

fire: left mouse

movement: mouse

Tags: Old school, 4k, actionscript 3, shoot-em-up, blaster, chasm, explode, particles, en

Size: 640x480

Tag: 727e728ad43606c7

Slug: chasmizer_4k

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