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Name: CrissCross

Description: There are only two General Beings in the world. Nobody knows how this all started, but from time immemorial they didn’t get on and divided the land in equal parts in order not to bother each other. Once upon a time, one of them, who called himself The Different, divided into great number of small pieces and began a large-scale attack on the unprepared opponent, making him draw back to the border of his former possession. Still, our hero managed to pick up form an unexpected attack and had time to split himself apart too. Now, only tactics and faith will help him to return the things that belong to him legally.

Instuctions: Goal – to capture the bigger area of playing field earlier then the opponent does. 1. Choose your unit. You can perform 2 actions with it – clone and move 2. In order to clone press the vacant cell near the unit: you’ll get one more. 3. In order to move press the vacant cell in the radius of unit activity. The unit will disappear from the previous cell and will appear on the selected one. 4. During the cloning or moving remember that the unit captures everyone that surrounds it.

Keywords: attack action strategy tile Criss crusaders story bears fun jumping magic. en

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