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Name: Froggy

Description: Little Froggy the Green Tree Frog wants to reach the stars. Help him get there as he climbs up a never-ending vine, jumping from leaf to leaf and eating flies. Catch wasps and butterflies to help him on his way, but take care to avoid hawks. Winning additional challenges will give you bonus items and extra points - follow the instructions for each challenge in the side-bar. Enjoy.

Instuctions: Use the ARROW keys to direct Froggy LEFT and RIGHT. Holding down the "UP" arrow will make Froggy jump higher when bouncing on a flower (Hint: the lower the flower the higher Froggy will go). Press the SPACEBAR to use collected wasps when Froggy needs an extra boost. (Hint: try to save wasps until you really need them)

Keywords: Froggy Jumping Frog Frog Leap Climb Vine Hawk Bugs Action RogueJoker en

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Category: Action

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