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Domain of Death 死神之域

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Name: Domain of Death 死神之域

Description: This game is a 2.5D world. Player can use different characters to play with stage mode or vs mode. 此?戲是一個2.5D世界。玩家??擇??人物玩故事模?或是?決模?。

Instuctions: Player1 玩家1: up 上 W down 下 S left 左 A right ? D attack 攻 F jump 跳 R skill1 技能1 G skill2 技能2 H skill3 技能3 T skill4 技能4 Y Player2 玩家2: up 上 I down 下 K left 左 J right ? L attack 攻 P jump 跳 0 skill1 技能1 [ skill2 技能2 ] skill3 技能3 - skill4 技能4 =

Keywords: action fighting lf2 megaman rockman little fighter zh-cn en

Plays: 18

Category: Action

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