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Against The Bokari

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Name: Against The Bokari

Description: The objective of this game is to recover some food stolen by a group of mutants known as Bokari who have naturally thick hides and tend to use clubs and throw stones. Bokari are also rumored to share their lairs with another mutant called a Belch Rat which sprays acid. You can use a club, gun, grenades and fire bombs to recover the stolen food. But use your gun, grenades and fire bombs wisely. While more of them can be obtained in the game there are only a maximum number of each available. In the game you can also obtain and use armor to protect yourself from attacks.

Instuctions: Use the arrow keys for movement. Diagonal movement is possible. The space bar activates the selected action listed at the bottom of the screen. Use the ā€œzā€? key to cycle through actions. The actions available are: CLUB ā€“ attack with a club. The opponent must be directly in front of you for this to succeed. GUN ā€“ fire a gun in the direction you are facing. You can replenish ammo in the game. GRENADE ā€“ Throw a grenade in the direction you are facing which will explode after traveling so far. If it hits a wall or an opponent it will stop moving. You can find more grenades in the game. FIRE BOMB ā€“ Throw a fire bomb in the direction you are facing which will explode into a burning inferno after traveling so far. If it hits a wall or an opponent the bomb will explode immediately. Once burning it will continue to burn for a short time before going out. If you are caught in the burn radius of the bomb you will be hurt. You can find more fire bombs in the game.

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