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Name: GemWarrior

Description: operating instructions:keyboard control,key 1 attack,↑↓ move up and down,?→ move left and right.under the screen have icons of property,skill and pack,you can see your own property,gold's number and equipment after click it.

Instuctions: this is a very difficult game which is a kind of role play,you can chose different roles in the game,each roles has it's special property and aggressivity.go to find the task associater,get the task,kill the monster during-task,can get exp and golds.golds can be used to buy blood bottle and upgraded weapons.attention:grasshopper demon is very powerful,is very hard to kill it,remember buy more blood bottles to defence. equipment making:use soul gem to make equipment,the higher level of the soul gem,the better property of the equipment. equipment strengthen:need the corresponding strengthen gem(e.g.:+4 equipment strengthen to +5 should need a level 5 strengthen gem). equipment inlay:the equipment which has inlay times can inlay red(purple?blueness?yellow?black?green?blue)gem,increase it's relevant property equipment remove,can remove the inlaid gem from equipment,success rate is 50%. equipment disintegrate:can disintegrate good products?excellent?outstanding?transcendence?perfect equipments,will get the relevant soul gem. pet compound:doubleclick to ues tamagochi,put it into soul gem(need 5 gems,can without mesona and gyrophora),soul gem and mesona influence pet's aptitude,gyrophora influence pet's initial property pet strengthen:ues spar,relevant spar can increase relevant pet aptitude. pet evolution:can increase pet's level cap,use the higher level soul gem,pet will get more property point. synthesizer:can use 3?4 low level gems compound to 1 high level gem.

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Category: Action

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