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Mad Gallop

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Name: Mad Gallop

Description: Take Menewsha’s own too-hawt-for-television celebrity Afrodonkey on a mad gallop over desert and jungle terrain in another home-brewed Menewsha original game. Use the up arrow to jump and the right arrow to dash through obstacles like pantyfox and creeperbear. Collect stolen panties and cheesecake for bonus points. Can you score enough points to unlock the game’s secret character before your three plays are over?

Instuctions: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to guide Afrodonkey through the isles and obstacles. Use the Up Arrow to jump. You can press multiple times to double or triple jump. Use the Right Arrow to dash through obstacles.

Keywords: Menewsha Afrodonkey donkey bear creeper bear panty fox fox desert jungle cheesecake panties platform platformer

Plays: 3

Category: Action

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