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Hasty Hedgehog

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Name: Hasty Hedgehog

Description: Hasty Hedgehog is a short fun-filled, exciting and rewarding game about a hedgehog trying to run as far as possible before getting too seriously hurt to continue. With a couple of upgrades, highscore and furthest distance travelled tracking, this game is a sweet and short game that will keep you entertained in between work or while waiting for something to download!

Instuctions: Instructions (There is an instruction frame in-game): Up arrow key - Jump Down arrow key - Roll Avoid stones, thorn bushes and spiders while picking up apples and golden apples for score bonuses. Golden apples heals you too!

Keywords: Hasty Hedgehog Hedgehog Animal games Animals Side-scrolling Platform Side-scrolling platform game Cute Cartoon Family-friendly kid-friendly kids family simple fun addictive upgrades short. en

Plays: 4

Category: Action

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