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Silvio's Inferno

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Name: Silvio's Inferno

Description: Silvio Inferno features Silvio Berlusconi rushing around and gathering up all of the copies of his wife’s biography in an attempt to protect his already fragile reputation. He must collect all the books and burn each one individually whilst dodging the boulders that are beginning to roll ever closer and threaten to squash him. Only after you have burned all the books and avoided all the boulders can you win the game.

Instuctions: Help Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to protect his reputation by destroying all the copies of his estranged wife's book! Step 1: Grab a book from the stack Step 2: Turn on the furnace by pulling the lever Step 3: Make your way to the top and throw the book in the furnace while avoiding the falling boulders. If a boulder hits you, you will drop the book you are carrying!

Keywords: silvio berlusconi italy italian affair marriage platform t-enterprise en

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Category: Action

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