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The Feeder 怪兽饲养员

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Name: The Feeder 怪兽饲养员

Description: Risk your life to feed those "lovely" hungry monsters. Feed all monsters in the level to go to next level. Be careful and good luck! It is a Wolfenstein3D like first person "shooting" game. 给所有怪兽喂食。 Wolfenstein3D类型的FPS游?。

Instuctions: ========== Controls: ========== W/up: move forward S/down: move back left arrow key: turn left A: strafe left right arrow key: turn right D: strafe right ---------- Space: shoot M: map Enter: pause game/view game status ---------- Objective: Feed all monsters in the level to go to next level. Enter key to view time, level, life and score. ================================================= 控制: ========== W/up: ?进 S/down: ?退 left arrow key: 左转 A: 左横移 right arrow key: ?转 D: ?横移 ---------- Space: 射击 M: 地图 Enter: 暂?/查看状? ---------- 任务: 给所有怪兽喂食. Enter键 查看 时间, 关?, 生命 和 得分.

Keywords: hackathon2011 benevolence feeder monster maze FPS shooting 中文,3D zh-cn en

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Category: Action

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