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Name: 中国民间棋类游?-中国象棋

Description: Xiangqi (Chinese: 象棋; pinyin: Xiàngqí) is a two-player Chinese board game in the same family as Western chess, chaturanga, shogi, Indian chess and janggi. The present-day form of Xiangqi originated in China and is therefore commonly called Chinese chess in English. More rules :

Instuctions: Chinese chess (Xiang Qi) is one of the most popular board games worldwide, being played by approximately one billion people in China, Taiwan,and wherever Chinese have settled. Having a long history, the modern form of Chinese chess was popular during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279 A.D.). The earliest record of a Chinese-chess game and a book on the theory of the game originates from that time. 象棋是中国传统的二人对弈棋类游?。其他类似的有国际象棋?日本将棋。为与国际象棋等区别,?称中国象棋,主??行于?人?亚太地区。是首届世界智力?动会正?比赛项目。 Each player in turn moves one piece from the point it occupies to another point. Generally pieces are not permitted to move through a point occupied by another piece. A piece can be moved onto a point occupied by an enemy piece, in which case the enemy piece is “captured? and removed from the board. A player cannot capture one of his own pieces. Pieces are never “promoted? (converted into other pieces), although the pawn/soldier is able to move sideways after it crosses the river. More rules :

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