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Dream Escape Pt 1

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Name: Dream Escape Pt 1

Description: Elan is trapped in a dream world and needs to get out. Move your way through the game. Type in what you want to do. Press the UP ARROW key or "ENTER" for submitting text, and press "SHIFT" or "BACKSPACE" to backspace. IMPORTANT! Make sure that you don't stray away from the game if you want to press BACKSPACE, or else the whole page might go back!! Type "T" or "TUT" or "INSTRUCTIONS" to see the game tutorial on the game. Let me know if there's bugs. If you're stuck, type "H" or "HELP" or "HINT" to see what else can be done in your current area.

Instuctions: Type only "T" or "TUT" to view the in-game instructions. Type only "H" or "HELP" or "HINT" to view any other options if you feel that you're stuck. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys to walk. When you want to interact with things, type in what you want to do, then press UP ARROW key or ENTER. You need to be close enough to certain things to interact with them. The most common and useful commands you can use are "LOOK" or "LOOK AT ...", "TAKE ...", and "USE". Type "I" or "ITEMS" to look at your inventory. Press UP ARROW key or ENTER to close it out when done. Type "M" or "MUSIC" to ditch or bring the music. Type "S" or "SAVE" to save your data, when the save button is yellow. Type "L" or "LOAD" to load your data - this can be done anywhere. Important: When saving and loading data, type 1 - 5, or "BACK." 1-5 is for the files - you can conveniently name them. BACK is if you have a change of mind and just want to go back. Type "SHOW" or "HIDE" to show or hide the top menu. Type "Q" or "QUIT" to quit. One more thing - this game is keyboard only - no mouse.

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