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Spell Words

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Name: Spell Words

Description: Update: Letter distribution has been completely reworked. Hopefully this will make the game a bit easier/more fun. Also added was the ability to undo a use of the wand. To undo a wand use, just click the wand again before using the wild card tile. Spell Words is not just the name of the game, but the goal of it as well! Spell the best words you can with the letters available. Bigger words score more points. The letters are random, so it's a new game every time!

Instuctions: Click a letter to start a word. Next, click any adjacent letter to continue the word. Keep doing this until the word is done, and then click the last letter one more time to score the word. Blocks will fall down if there is nothing beneath them, and you can score bonus points for clearing rows and columns. If you get stuck, you can use the magic tools to help you out. The spell book will randomize the tiles on the board, giving you new letters to work with. You can use it up to three times. The wand will turn any one letter tile into a wild card that can be used as any letter. You can use this two times, but not both uses at the same time. If you make a wild card, but want to undo it, simply click the wand again before using that tile. When you are all done, press the button in the bottom corner to submit your score!

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