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Lotus Hall Room Escape Game

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Name: Lotus Hall Room Escape Game

Description: The word lotus flower will bring a lot of memories about the sacred land of India. The flower has got differnt names like the sacred lotus, bean of India or simply the Lotus. It is not only the national flower of India, but just like everything has a relegious face in India, Lotus also has its own story.It is the throne of mother Lakshmi, the godess of wealth. Ancient Indian palaces and houses had Lotus vessels that are round in shape. These vessels were filled with water and the Lotus Flowers were placed on them. This kind of Lotus flower arrangement is placed mainly at the hall. This made the halls look more beautiful. The reason for placing it in the houses has got many mystic reasons behind it. As of now this practice is slowly dying. Smile Clicker Team has implemented a nice setup where the Lotus bowl is placed in the hall,but with no flowers. So, how do you decorate the hall and get out? Find out the Flowers first and place them in the vessel, you will then find your way out. Interested in more Escape Games? Check out this link to ESCAPE GAME PORTAL

Instuctions: 1.Your ultimate aim is to find the 9 lotus flowers. 2.Find and place the flowers in the vessel to get the key. 3.You need to click on the objects hanging on the wall or the objects placed on the Floor/Furniture. 4.To find the flowers you need to collect various other clues 5.Once every thing is in place the key will emerge from the center of the Lotus vessel.

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