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Name: Roidz

Description: Do you have a problem with roidz? Then call Grizzle's Asteroid Removal and Intergalactic Landscaping Service! An homage to the classic arcade game Asteroids, Roidz delivers the same heart pounding, addictive action, with a slick face-lift and awesome new features. In Roidz you can earn cash, upgrade your ship and maybe even blow away a few UFO's lurking in that asteroid field...

Instuctions: You will complete each level by destroying all of the asteroids. Each asteroid you destroy will earn you some cash that you can use to buy upgrades. Make sure to choose your upgrades wisely if you want to survive in the asteroid demolition service. I think I already mentioned that we've heard reports of UFO's in the asteroid and I've heard they are armed as well. I recommend getting a shot off at them before they have a chance take one at you. Good luck pilot.

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Category: Action

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