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SuperChicken Battles the Penguin Horde

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Name: SuperChicken Battles the Penguin Horde

Description: Suuuuuuuupeeeeeeeeerchiiiiiiiiiickeeeeeeeeeeen!

Instuctions: Disgusted by violence? Horrified seeing even cartoon blood? Then turn off "Violence" in the Options (Main Menu). Low FPS? Turn off "Gibs" and "Gibs Trail Fx" in the Options (Main Menu). Super-power may be fired at any time, as long as you have energy. The more you shoot of it, less energy for upgrades you'll have. Mouse+Keyboard Controls: arrow keys or WASD to move, mouse to aim, left-click to fire. Space or double-click activates the superpower. Mouse-Only Controls: mouse to move, left-click to hold the crosshair. Space or double-click activates the superpower. Useful keys: 'M' mute the sound, 'N' mute the music, 'P' pauses the game. Do you crave for a change of flow? Then type these cheats during gameplay: "god", "tiny", "bat" (no scores and feats are recorded though).

Keywords: arena bullet hell penguin bird cartoon en

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Category: Action

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