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Tabby Trash

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Name: Tabby Trash

Description: What would drive a woman to catch a cat and dump it in a bin? Well, stress if recent reported events are to be believed. Mary Bale (45) from Coventry hit the headlines after being caught on CCTV luring a kitty, before grabbing her and dumping her in a wheelie bin. Calmly she then closed the lid and walked away. In Tabby Trash, you must help Mary Bale put as many helpless cats as possible into the wheelie bin. Click the bin to open the lid and then use your mouse to grab the cat by the scruff of the neck and chuck it in the garbage. The lid shuts quickly and cats will escape if you move them too fast, so there's a degree of skill and timing involved. Much like Miss Bale stroking poor Lola before calmly dropping her into the rubbish.

Instuctions: Firstly click on the bin lid to open....then grab a cat by clicking on the scruff of it's neck....then drag it SLOWLY to the bin and click to drop it! Don't move the cats too quickly, or they will escape. If you drop too many, the game is over!

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