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Pirate Encounters

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Name: Pirate Encounters

Description: Yar Har Har mighty pirates! Challange your mates on an epic treasure hunt and locate the most chests full of wealth and be THE pirate! Let's sail! Yar Har Har!

Instuctions: Yar har har!Take your mighty pirate ships and compete with each other in a treasure hunting race! Play alternatively,in turns,against a fellow pirate, and try to draw lines between the coins to form a square so you can claim the treasure! But remember that you play alternatively,so only the one that closes a square gets the treasure! Treasure is a pirate's best motivation,so after claiming one you get to play once more! Yar har har!

Keywords: Pirate encounter treasure flag cannon coins wooden 1 2 players cpu team blue red score map volcano lake mountain cloud island boxes square swords fights prevent en

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