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Description: This game is best played when downloaded as GOOGLE Chrome WEB APP, Download link: Differences in V2 and V1 - V2 is created specifically as a web app, it features a large gaming area and more. - V1 is created specifically as a chrome extension, it got a smaller gaming area and more. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features in V2: - A real web app, that can even work offline. It is NOT a weblink like many of the other apps on Google Chrome Webstore - A huge gaming area, plays in a resolution size of 1100X800. Should be played using Chromes fullscreen launching feature. - NO INGAME ADS, V2 doesn't have any ingame ads. - Faster replay selection, it is now faster to take a new round, restart the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SURVIVOR BACTERIA An arcade type and a extremely addictive game. Move your MOUSE to control the bacteria, and survive for as long as possible. Random white blood cells will pass through the stage, shoot them with infectious particles to get more points. Random objects will enter the stage to engage you. They will either benefit you or harm you, maybe both at the same time. SPACE to shoot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also download Survivor Bacteria V1.1 as an extension from the Google Chrome Web Store for free. Click on the link: The extension version will make it easier to play the game and will work better as a time killer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More WEBAPPS coming soon from MANNITech Softwares. Educational Apps first to come!!!!

Instuctions: Mouse to control movements, and space to shoot.

Keywords: Bacteria organic biology space mouse fun arcade quick quickplay cool cells immune shoot action chrome large area

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Category: Action

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