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Name: LootMore

Description: LootMore is a basic dungeon crawl game with a variety of weapons and items to find, equip, and escape the dungeons with. LootMore will be receiving updates with new content, new features, new items to collect, and new monsters to battle on an ongoing basis.

Instuctions: Use the WASD keys (or the arrows keys) to explore the dungeon. To open chests, simply move on to them. To exit the dungeon, move onto the stairs. Press I to view your inventory and click on weapons or armor to equip them. You can also drink potions, or drop trinkets (this will destroy them!) to make room for other items. Press C to view your character's stats. You will receive points for every item you carry out of the dungeon, except for your currently equipped weapons and armor and any potions you might have (you keep those for the next dungeon). Your character will be saved until he or she dies (NOTE: your saved game will not transfer from one server / domain name to another, so be sure to stick with a single website if you want to keep playing with the same character). Death is permanent, but after a character dies you can always begin again with a new one.

Keywords: dungeon crawl dungeons loot rogue roguelike rpg crawl

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Category: Adventure

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