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Triple Topper Craziness

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Name: Triple Topper Craziness

Description: It's a game of Crazy Eights / Uno except it uses a unique deck. The deck is a 3-dimensional deck, with number, color, and suit, all independent of each other.

Instuctions: Just like Crazy Eights, the object is to get rid of your cards. You must match at least 2 variables to make progress. Black is wild color, Blob is wild shape, and question mark is wild number. Unlike regular Crazy Eights, the variable must be declared what it currently is to count as a match. If you cant match 2, try to match 1, and trade your discarded card for a new card. Matching all 3 variables force an oponent to draw 2 cards. To play a card on the bottom row, click it. If you have more than 8 cards, look at other card in your hand by pressing "More Cards" Click the deck if you can't or choose not to make a move

Keywords: Crazy Eights Uno 3D Cards Nonstandard en

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Category: Board Game

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