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Name: BuzzOff!

Description: Those pesky fly's! This time they have gone too far, Mr. Fly and several thousand of his relatives have teamed up to try and drive you mad! Don't let them Buzz your brain till it explodes, fight back by squishing the fly's. Careful though the buzzing will eat away at your sanity, as will each click, only by smashing fly after fly can you hope to hold on to what little sanity you still have.

Instuctions: Move the hand with the mouse, click to squish the fly's. Try ans squish more than one fly at a time. Careful though over time, and with each click you lose a tiny bit of sanity, if your sanity runs out its over! Fortunately for you, you can replenish your sanity by eliminating those pesky fly.

Keywords: fly arcade click intense rapid strange weird simple fast bug challenging fun silly insane

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Category: Action

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