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Name: PenguinPeter

Description: Help Peter the Penguin clean the Ice Land from colourful balls. Use the cannon to shoot all balls. Remember to aim for balls of the same colour.

Instuctions: 1. Controls: - use the mouse to move the cannon - click on the left button of the mouse to shoot balls 2. Game rules: - remove all balls attached to the wheel in the middle of the board - shoot a ball of the same colour to form a group of at least three balls - balls, having no other connection to the board than through the balls that have disappeared, will also disappear - you can bounce the ball against the upper and side edges of the board - use the special balls wisely to finish the board more easily and quickly - finish three boards in 3 minutes 3. Special balls: - FireBall removes all balls that come across - BombBall removes all balls it is attached to - RainbowBall is a universal ball and can replace a ball of any colour - IceBall freezes the shot group of balls and balls adjoining them. Shoot a ball of any colour at the frozen group to remove it from the board 4. Bonuses: - make as few moves as possible to get extra points - finish the third level ahead of time to get extra points 5. Game over: - the game finishes when the time is 0:00 - the game finishes when the balls disable moves of the wheel - the game finishes when all balls are removed from the third board

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