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The American ReWHALEution

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Name: The American ReWHALEution

Description: Defend America in its infancy while unraveling a diabolical plot from the red coats. Play during the American Revolution as America's secret weapon -- the Whale.

Instuctions: There are several different game play modes: left-to-right side scrolling, alternating button presses, and simplified fighting. In side-scrolling levels, the player uses the arrow keys to move while pressing "F" to fire whale song. In addition, the player can perform a ground pound attack by jumping with "Space" and pressing "Down." In alternating button presses mode, alternately press the left and right arrows as quickly as possible to increase the character's speed. In simplified fighting mode, the character moves left and right while punching with "F." In addition, there is a separate Time Trial Mode and a Survival Mode. The Time Trial Mode introduces a timer that counts how long a player took to complete the story missions. The player may then submit this time to a worldwide leader board. Shorter times are better. Survival Mode throws wave after wave of enemies at the player with increasing difficulty. Various aids such as health packets and a screen-clearing artillery strike help the player. Again, the player may upload the time played to a leader board. Longer times are better.

Keywords: platformer whale whales American Revolution British America Colonies History George Washington John Paul Jones musket

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Category: Action

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