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Poker Slot Easy

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Name: Poker Slot Easy

Description: Poker Slot Reels Easy is an exciting and easy to control game with beautiful graphics! If you like Video Poker and Slot Machine game… why don’t you try out Poker Slot Reels Easy that gives you both games?! Video Poker and Slot Machine games are united in this easy to play game that provides you a great casino atmosphere. This game is the easier version of „Jacks or better?. The gist of the game is really simple: when you have „King or better? YOU WIN!

Instuctions: 1, Adjust your bet ( BET1- BET5 ) 2, Press „DEAL? to get your five cards 3, Select which card(s) you like to keep by pressing HOLD button(s) 4, Press „DRAW? button. The card(s) that you did not want to keep will be replaced with new card(s) 5, If the hand contains a King card or better (King or higher card; one pair; two pairs; etc.) you get paid by the chart. 6, To get your prize press „COLLECT? Double and Double-Double bonus features When you win a hand you will have the option of either taking your credits by pressing „COLLECT? or trying to double or quadruple (Double-Double) your winnings. If you choose to double or quadruple your bet you will be playing a bonus game where you will be given one card. The object of the game is to pick a higher card than you were given by pressing „HOLD?. If you pick a card that is higher than the original one, your winnings will be doubled. Choosing „Double-Double? option two higher cards have to be picked in order to quadruple your winnings. If you pick a card that is lower than the original one you lose your payout.

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