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Name: Loot

Description: Loot is a casual dungeon crawl type of game. Your goal is to explore a (small) randomly generated dungeon, collect as much treasure as you can, and return to the exit alive. If you escape alive, you can continue on to explore another dungeon; when your character dies, the game is over! You can carry only six items at a time, so you'll need to decide which items you want to carry out of the dungeon with you, and which you'll leave behind. You also earn points for each room you explore and for each monster you defeat. When you're defeated, you'll loose a portion of the exploration and item scores for the last dungeon you visited. To accumulate higher scores you'll need to balance the search for items, exploration of the dungeon, combat, and the ability to escape alive for as long as you can.

Instuctions: (You may need to click on the game once before it responds to your key presses correctly!) Use the WASD or arrows keys to move. Click on treasure chests to open them, and loot their contents (if your inventory is full, the item inside will fall to the ground). Click on items on the ground to pick them up. Click on items in your inventory to drop them. Each room can have only one item on the ground at a time. Click on a monster to attack it. Attacking a monster will provoke a counter attack! If you're in a room with a monster, you must defeat the monster before you can leave the room. Click on the stairs to exit the dungeon.

Keywords: dungeon crawl loot dungeon treasure monsters rogue-like rogue

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Category: Adventure

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