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Santa Saves Christmas

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Name: Santa Saves Christmas

Description: Santa Saves Christmas is a side-scrolling horizontal shooter game in which you must defeat waves on robotic and avian enemies using your army of up to 9 souped-up laser-fitted reindeer of love and Christmas cheer. The game features 4 lengthy levels with a boss fight at the end of each one. You must hire and customise up to 9 reindeer to carry Santa to victory. Each reindeer can be equipped with 1 weapon and 2 passive upgrades ranging from increased rate of fire to shield piercing shots and beyond. The reindeer gain stat increases with every level they clear, these bonuses are wiped out if they ever fall during a flight. The player can unlock weapons/perks from each level by completing 4 goals, these items are necessary in defeating the increasingly difficult enemies ahead. STORY: The Grouch is engineering a fleet of ships, tanks and birds to help him destroy the magic of Christmas! It is up to Santa to round up his reindeer and defeat the Grouch in an aeronautical stand-off.

Instuctions: SHOP (as explained in the tutorial slides): * Double-click on reindeer slots to hire a reindeer. * Click on the items to the right of the screen and select "Buy" to purchase them. * Click and drag purchased items in to the appropriate slot of a hired reindeer to equip it. GAMEPLAY: * Guide the leading reindeer with the mouse, the reindeer behind will follow in a trailing line. * Left-click to shoot. * Reindeer will form an attack formation when shooting and revert to a straight horizontal line when not attacking. * Your objective is to reach and defeat Level 4. * Collect money (orange value to the right) by defeating enemies. * Increase your score (white value to the left) by defeating enemies, increase your combo by avoiding hits to increase your score faster.

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Category: Adventure

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