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Spacetime Alchemist, POSSESSED!!

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Name: Spacetime Alchemist, POSSESSED!!

Description: Two players controlling the Alchemist battle one controlling the Demon.

Instuctions: Multiplayer Mode: Two players controlling the Alchemist battle one controlling the Demon. Conversely, the Alchemist may be controlled by just one player. Player 1 controls the Alchemist's movement with the arrow keys and super-power with Enter (return). Player 2 controls a Magic Arrow that circles the Alchemist and shoots with the mouse. He can kill the Demon's minions. Killing minions fills the Alchmist's super power meter and killing a certain number of minions makes the Alchemist level up. Both Players (1 & 2) must play cooperatively to win. Player 3 controls the Demon that is trapped in te Alchemist's body and can only circle him with the keys "A" and "D". He shoots a portal with "W" that summons minions. Opening a certain number of portals makes the Demon level up. The minions hurts both the Alchemist and the Demon, and the players must trick each other in making the minions hit his opponent, killing him.

Keywords: alchemist versus multiplayer 3 people highscore survival dodge destroy en

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Category: Action

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