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Eat My Squares

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Name: Eat My Squares

Description: NEW VERSION. Eat My Squares is a simple game, but addicting. You control Harry the "red" square by moving your mouse around the play area. Harry will follow along. Eat the yellow squares. Every time you eat a yellow square, another blue square is created in the play area. After 20 blue squares are in the play area, the blue squares become half their size to keep you in the game scoring points. After 60 blue squares are in the play area, no more will be created. At that time the blue square counter with start to flash letting you know that the blue squares are done creating themselves. Avoid the blue squares or you will die! Play it now and be top rated player in Eat My Squares!

Instuctions: Harry follows the mouse pointer! Object: You eat the yellow spinning squares and avoid the blue spinning squares. Every time you eat a yellow square, another blue square is placed into the play area. As time goes on it gets harder to get to a yellow square!! Eat the yellow squares as fast as you can. The faster you eat them, the more points are scored. If you let them sit to long and the bonus score reaches zero, no points will be scored when you eat them. If you run into a blue spinning square, the game is over. Be the highest scoring player on the net and get eating!!

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Category: Action

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