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Circle Snake

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Name: Circle Snake

Description: A simple and fun arcade style game.

Instuctions: 1. you control the circle snake with your mouse. avoid hitting shapes with your snake! 2. hold down the left mouse button to fire the snake laser. if it overheats you must wait for it to cool down! 3. destroy the oncoming shapes with your laser! you get 1 point for each one you destroy. the more shapes you hit without letting go of your mouse and letting your laser cool down, the more combo points you get! 4. when you are almost dead, the game mode changes to avoider mode and you must then avoid the shapes. in this mode, you get 3 points every 0.5 seconds. 5. if the game is lagging, right click any time during the game and change the 'fast computer' and 'quality' settings.

Keywords: circle circles snake snakes arcade challenging challenge arcade

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Category: Other

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