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Castle Siege

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Name: Castle Siege

Description: Addictive strategy game for 1 or 2 players! Castle Siege features turn-based game-play ideal for some relax time. Finish building your castle or destroy your opponent’s one by playing the right spells to win! ★ Two-players mode ★ 12 medals for you to earn ★ Custom deck builder ★ Unlock-able hard difficulty ★ Score table Each player has it's own deck of cards and resources that are used to cast cards. Players can play or discard one card each turn. I have tried my best to make sure you will enjoy this piece. Don’t forget to leave your feedback, it is very much appreciated! If you like the game, please spread the love :) ★ “Excellent, love this game.? ★ “Really good game, I love playing with my friends head to head.? ★ “Good game for rainy days.? ★ “Good fun. Makes you think. Like it a lot.?

Instuctions: In-game. Control with mouse.

Keywords: castle siege medieval turn-based two-players multi-player medals addicting relaxing en

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Category: Board Game

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