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Twisty Little Passages

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Name: Twisty Little Passages

Description: Use a random collection of hallway segments to build a passageway to guide the hapless hero through the dungeon -- leading them to treasure, monsters, keys, and potions along the way! The longer and more twisty the passage you build the higher your score will be -- but build quickly, because if the hero reaches the end of the passageway they'll be devoured by the demons that lurk in the darkness! Complete 20 levels, each one harder and more complex then the last, in order to win.

Instuctions: Use the mouse to place segments of the passageway. When the counter at the top of the screen reaches zero a hero will appear and begin to wander the passageway. If the hero wanders off the edge of the passageway or reaches a dead end, they will be eaten by demons. Build a passageway that guides the hero to the exit stairs, collecting treasure and defeating monsters along the way. Longer passageways with more treasure and more monsters are worth more points. To make the hero move more quickly, click the run button that appears at the top of the screen once the hero arrives. Some levels have doors blocking the exit stairs -- in these levels you must guide the hero to the key before they can exit. Monsters are worth points, but fighting more than one monster in a row might kill the hero. Guide the hero to potions to recover their health between battles! You can mute the music by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Keywords: puzzle passageway passages dungeon dungeons treasure

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Category: Adventure

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