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Mine Zone

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Name: Mine Zone

Description: Can you recover all the gems on the mine field without exposing a grenade? This is not your average mine-sweeper! The method of avoiding the traps is now altered into a much different game! Recover all the gems in the stage in order to get the highest score before a grenade blast your board off!

Instuctions: The objective is simple: Recover the hidden gem on every level without hitting any grenade along the process! You will be alerted each time there is a grenade near the tile that you clicked, as it will be either above, below, to the left to it. A stronger alarm will be shown and heard if two grenades are in the area you were clicking so this can give you a better perception about the mined tiles on the board. Clicking on a grenade on the first attempt on each stage will neutralize it as well if you click on every other one unless you clicked an empty area. The game can be tricky so think strategicaly!

Keywords: puzzle think strategy bomb bombs grenade mine minesweeper gems score board grenades mines field puzzle en

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