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It All Works Out!

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Name: It All Works Out!

Description: Can you make the sums work out? In this game you are given a set of sums in a grid, and a collection of numbered blocks. Simply drag the blocks into the slots in the grid, until the sums (across and down) all come to the correct totals. You can choose the puzzle size from an easy 2 x 2 to a near-impossible 5 x 4. You can also choose which operations will appear (out of plus, minus, multiply and divide). There is no limit to the number of puzzles that can be generated for any choice of options, and hints and solutions are also included.

Instuctions: Just drag the numbered blocks into the slots provided. If you prefer, you can click on a block to select it (it will flash) and click again where you want to place it. Click the triangle for a new puzzle. The next buttons down are 'reset blocks', 'get one hint' and 'show complete solution'. Finally, the bottom button takes you to the Options screen where you can change the difficulty of the puzzle to suit yourself.

Keywords: math subtract multiply equation sums division en

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Category: Education

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