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Broken Wind

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Name: Broken Wind

Description: Take control over the Broken Wind and use its stormy power to reach the end of this journey. Control a fragile creature that can be easily blown apart, smash into pieces and even lifted by a parachute, which needs to find its way to the exit portal. Programming & Art:

Instuctions: Use the left/right arrows to move left or right. the up arrow to parachute, and the down arrow to jump down. On each turn, the player may move up to three blocks LEFT, RIGHT, UP, or DOWN, unless his legs are broken. If the legs are broken player may reach only one space per move. The moving pattern is continued by 3 spaces, then one and so on. 3, 1, 3, 1, 3, 1, 3…. He will say “NO? if you try to jump offscreen.

Keywords: Brain Broken Wind Art 5 Minute Wind Challenging en

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Category: Adventure

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