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Description: Addictive puzzle game where you need to connect all the pointers with blocks of the same color by sliding them around. The game is filled with bonuses and special blocks that changes the dynamic along the game. Keep track of your best time and moves on every map, unlock special awards and become the undisputed Master. The only question left... is how many levels can you complete before going berserk ?!

Instuctions: Slide(Click, slide and release) columns and rows around so that all the pointers are connected together by blocs of the same color. Remember... every slide counts and you are against the clock. - Glass Boxes are used to discover items - Black boxes are worth any color - Bolted Boxes cannot be moved - Portals...will transport the blocks from one portal to the other - Color Switches...will changes the color of any block that goes through it - Direction Switches... changes the direction GOODIES - Diamonds... removes 3 swipes - Topaz... removes 2 swipes - Gold... removes 1 swipe - Timer... puts time to zero - Light... removes 10 swipes - Compass...puts swipes to zero - Lightning... removes 60 seconds - Bonus Card... unlocks a bonus card

Keywords: puzzle fun rubik addictive brain relax cool cube block en

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